Vitrified Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels Diamond Abrasives Tools Cylindrical Wheels For PCD Cemented Carbide Cutters

Product Details

Ceramic Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels are Widely Used in PDC (polycrystalline Diamond Compact), Grinding and Polishing, PCD cutters. PCD are widely used in geological prospecting and mining exploration, etc. The PCD which is ground by our diamond wheels can be of high hardness, wear resistance, thermal conductivity and impact resistance with firm and steady interface, and can effectively prevent the shedding of diamond layer and bit balling.


  • Size: Φ400mm

  • Stock Removal: 1.2-2mm

  • Surface Quality: ≤0.4μm

  • Feed: 0.2mm

  • Worklife: 1,600 Pieces of PDC